Wakin (pronounced wa-KEEN) are a great goldfish variety for ponds and large water gardens.  They will grow to 10 to 12 inches.  They generally do not damage plants but may stir up the soil in potted plants unless a layer of gravel is placed on the surface.  You can find more about wakin here

Click here and you will also find some Watonai which are like wakin, but with larger, broader tails. 

All red and white wakin will develop a deep red.  The solid colored ones are unpredictable and many of these retain a more orange color.  We also breed metallic blue wakin, calico wakin and yellow wakin.  Our calico wakin and yellow wakin lines were created from scratch and get a little better with each generation

Look for a wakin which holds its tail spread out horizontally so you can get the full effect in a pond.  The body is elongated which is a sign that wakin are one of the "hardy" goldfish varieties, as opposed to the short-body "fancy" varieties.  The hardy varieties can spend the winter outdoors in a temperate climate.

All of these goldfish were born on our farm, each one is different and the individual in the photos is the individual you receive.  To order, just send an e-mail to goldfish@raingarden.us and let us know the item number to the left of the photos.  To the right of the photos, you will see a column with the price of the fish.  Farther to the right is a separate column with the shipping cost for one or more fish of that variety and size.  We will confirm the shipping cost when responding to your e-mail.

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