Telescope goldfish are also called demekin, or dragon eyes, or moors or globe eyes or pop eyes.  The word 'moor' should really be reserved for telescope goldfish which are solid black.  In the nineteenth century the nomenclature was somewhat different.  Those with very large eyes (twice the normal diameter) were called 'owls', while protruding eyes of a normal size were called 'dragon-eyes', and those whose eyes were conical and protruding even farther from the head were called 'telescope'.

We raise calico telescopes, red-and-white and red-and-black variegated metallic telescopes, black moors and chocolate telescopes.  Telescope goldfish are usually kept in an aquarium and can be very comical when seen head-on.  Look for a high back and a body which is not too long.  There are short-tail telescopes, long tail telescopes, butterfly tail telescopes and broad tail telescopes.  Butterfly telescopes or butterfly moors have a tail which is reminiscent of a butterfly when viewed from above and are bred and selected to be viewed from above in a tub or small pond.  When viewed from the side, the tail of a butterfly telescope appears very flat and you do not get the full effect. A broadtail moor has a high dorsal fin and long tail which hangs gracefully like a veiltail.  The broadtails and China dolls are listed here with the veiltails.

All of these goldfish were born on our farm, each one is different and the individual in the photos is the individual you receive.  To order, just send an e-mail to goldfish@raingarden.us and let us know the item number to the left of the photos.  To the right of the photos, you will see a column with the price of the fish.  Farther to the right is a separate column with the shipping cost for one or more fish of that variety and size.  We will confirm the shipping cost when responding to your email.

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