We raise both the Japanese style top-view ranchu and the more popular Chinese style side-view ranchu.  The top-view and side-view ranchu are really separate varieties these days because they have been selected for different characteristics over so many generations.  Side view ranchu are bred, selected and sold for aquarium display.  Look for a back with a smooth curve and a tail that meets the back at an acute angle forming a "tail tuck".  The head growth or wen develops as the ranchu matures.  In the bloodline we raise the head growth extends down onto the cheeks.  You will see the head growth beginning to grow in young three to four inch ranchu, but it takes several years to fully develop.  Lionhead have a flat back profile and the tail meets the back at an obtuse angle.  Lionhead tend to have a fuller and wider head growth but the determining characteristics are the back and tail angle.

All of these goldfish were born on our farm, each one is different and the individual in the photos is the individual you receive.  To order, just send an e-mail to goldfish@raingarden.us and let us know the item number to the left of the photos.  To the right of the photos, you will see a column with the price of the fish.  Farther to the right is a separate column with the shipping cost for one or more fish of that variety and size.  We will confirm the shipping cost when responding to your e-mail.

item click photos for a larger view variety size price USA flat-rate shipping inv
3553 ranchu body 4.3" total 5.4" $90 shipping $45 for 1 or 2 of this size W-3
3554 ranchu body 3.0" total 3.9" $70 shipping $45 for 1 or 2 of this size W-3
3555 ranchu body 2.6" total 3.5" $70 shipping $45 for 1 or 2 of this size W-3
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