Shubunkin are calico color which means they have three or more colors.  Like all calico goldfish, the scales are nacreous or clear and much of the color we see is on the skin below the scale.  The classic shubunkin has blue, red and black but they can also have various shades of purple, brown, white, yellow, gold, etc.  To our eye, bold black patches are more attractive than black speckles.  Midnight shubunkin are mostly black. 

There are three types of shubunkin based on the shape of the tail.  Most of the shubunkin we see in the US have the Japanese/American tail which is long and pointed like a comet.  You will also see it called ribbon-tail shubunkin.  The London shubunkin has a short tail similar to a hibuna (common goldfish).  We also raise Bristol shubunkin which have a large open tail with rounded margins.  The tails of Japanese-American and Bristol shubunkins continues to grow for several years.  In young shubunkins less than six inches, look for a tail which is well-spread.  The tail length will come in time.

All of these goldfish were born on our farm, each one is different and the individual in the photos is the individual you receive.  To order, just send an e-mail to goldfish@raingarden.us and let us know the item number to the left of the photos.  To the right of the photos, you will see a column with the price of the fish.  Farther to the right is a separate column with the shipping cost for one or more fish of that variety and size.  We will confirm the shipping cost when responding to your e-mail.

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