The problem with buying a few fish over the Internet is the the shipping cost.  It is not unusual for the shipping cost to equal the cost of the fish.  We have put a lot of effort into developing a packaging and shipping process which minimizes these costs while minimizing fish stress. 

They will be shipped via Federal Express Priority Overnight.  But, it is not exactly overnight for most of the country and closer to a day and a half.  All orders for the week leave Hawaii late Tuesday and arrive at your door on Thursday morning.  West Coast cities receive their fish Wednesday morning.. 

We ship to all fifty states in the US.  Shipping costs are found to the right of the price of the fish.

We pack very conservatively to insure they will arrive in the best of condition.  Even if the unthinkable should happen and the fish are in transit for an additional day, they will still be fine and will arrive safely.  Our testing indicates that the fish can be in the shipping box for over a week (although we certainly would not recommend it). 

We use several box sizes so you do not have to pay any more for shipping than is absolutely necessary.  Every corrugated box is insulated with expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) insulation.  Inside the foam your fish will be double-bagged. 

There is a flat rate for packaging, handling and shipping depending on the size of the box.  We have a box that ships for $45 and a larger box that ships for $60.  The $60 box will hold twice as many fish as the $45 box.  Very small fish can be sent is a box that is smaller yet for a flat rate of $30.  Taxes are included and there are no hidden charges or handling fees.

The number of fish of a particular size and variety which can be packed in each size box is noted on the fish sales pages under the column labeled "flat-rate shipping".  Your shipping and packaging costs do not increase when additional fish are purchased as long as they do not exceed the maximum number for that box size.  We try to simplify shipping costs as much as possible but realize it can still be a little confusing.  If there is any question about the number of fish which can be packed in a box, just drop us an e-mail.

Most deliveries occur about morning to mid-day but FedEx will only commit to delivery between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm.  The FedEx delivery person is usually in your neighborhood about the same time each day.  So, if you have had FedEx deliveries in the past you can expect them about that same time of day.  Deliveries to a business address (as opposed to a residential address) usually arrive earlier in the day.  You are welcome to take delivery at your place of business, but do not open the bag until you get home.  You can also have your box held for pick-up at any FedEx location.  If it is very hot or very cold, or if you just do not want the box left at your door while you are not at home, have it held for pick-up and pick it up on your way home.  You can find your nearest FedEx location through their web site.

Prior to shipping, your fish will be isolated, checked for parasites, and will not be fed for several days to purge them.  This step dramatically improves water quality during shipping.  However, this also means that in order to receive your fish on Thursday, you must confirm the order by noon (your time) on Sunday.

You will receive an e-mail with FedEx tracking information before the fish arrive.   

We do not have a storefront and insurance/liability issues preclude selecting fish at the farm.  So, if you live on Oahu you will still have to select fish off the web site.  Interisland shipping within Hawaii requires state agricultural inspection and a trip over the mountain for us which may delay shipping. 


Send us an e-mail with the item number(s) for the fish you would like and we will confirm the total cost with shipping by way of a PayPal invoice which will securely process your credit card.  Payment must be received prior to shipping.

I guess we should have a shopping cart system - or at least an order form.  But, we don't.  Just send us an e-mail listing the item number(s) for the fish you are interested in.  We check e-mail throughout day and will reply promptly.  Of course, we will need your shipping address too as well as a daytime phone number in case Federal Express has a hard time finding you.


Think about where you will put your new goldfish ahead of time.  We recommend that all new fish are quarantined for several weeks before they are added to your existing collection.  At Rain Garden, we pride ourselves on the health of our goldfish and do not believe you will find a safer source of supply.  Nonetheless, the shipping, new surroundings, and different water source creates some stress.  Just like you and I, goldfish are most likely to become ill after being subjected to stress.  It is best to let them recuperate and adjust in a quarantine tank before being introduced to your existing fish.  Every goldfish tank has a social order which we are not privy to and your new addition will adjust to the tank mates better after it rests up  a few days.

Place the unopened bag of fish into the tank or pond and let it float there for 30 minutes to an hour.  The unopened bag should float in the tank/pond until the temperatures have equalized.  Do not leave the bag in direct sunlight because it will act like a mini greenhouse and the water inside can quickly over-heat.  Once the temperatures are the same, open the outer and inner plastic bags and immediately transfer the goldfish directly to the tank or pond.  Some people insist on slowly adding tank water to the bag.  In our experience, this is counterproductive so if you are going to do it, please do it over the course of a few minutes, not a few hours.

After being placed in the tank or pond the fish will start to perk up and start looking around for something to eat.  Some times it takes a few minutes and sometimes it takes a few days.  Keep the lighting and water current at a minimum and feed them very lightly for the first week or so.  Enjoy!


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